Admission Key Points Referrals generally come via county case managers. New Dawn’s key staff require input from stakeholders (parents, siblings, guardians and/or county case workers) that know the individual. This may include file information, face to face meetings and field trips to meet the person considered. The cost of services is determined based upon the persons needs. A decision to provide services will be strictly based on NDI’s ability to meet the persons needs.
Our History Incorporated as large group home in Fulda, MN: 9-21-73 Reached 15 bed capacity: 4-10-78 Added adult foster care program in Worthington, MN: 7-1-89 Developed four foster care residences in Fulda: 10-15-95 Closed large group home in Fulda: 12-31-95 Celebrated our 25th year: 1998 Established satellite office in Worthington: Summer 2000 Expanded to serving 55 persons at separate sites in Fulda, Worthington:
Commitment to Quality Quality comes from the most important resource in human services-direct care staff. As a not-for-profit company, we value, compensate and train these individuals with the bulk of our energy and resources. Quality can also be found in the attention given to our living environments. We work hard at providing warm, home-like living arrangements. Community based services are offered with dignity and respect. This measure of consideration is always extended to those individuals who represent the persons we serve.
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