Our primary effort is to design warm, home-like environments where persons’ receiving services have an array of choices. We also provided In-home services to persons who need less than 24 hour staff assistance and live in their own home. Medication Administration: This service is handled by staff who are trained via our physician approved program. Activity Planning & implementation: Allows persons receiving services to be an active part of the community. Plans are made with individualized choices in mind along with small group activities as desired. Dietary Assistance: Staff persons are certain there are nutritious foods and meals available. People receiving services would be encouraged to assist in menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation. Money Management: All service sites have a house account and each person has their own checkbook. House accounts pay household expenses like rent and groceries. The amount of assistance given is based on the needs of the persons’ served. Medical Appointments: Staff will assist individuals in making, keeping and implementing care orders from doctor visits as needed. Monitoring and Supervision: All services are open 24 hours, 7 days per week. Staff are available throughout that time based on the individual needs of each person.
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